Billie Jo + Jeremy


We know you live outside the box, so your photos should not feel any different. Marriage is one of life’s greatest adventures and we believe it’s worth celebrating. As wedding photographers we live to capture all the raw emotion and real moments you experience on this special day.

So, are we the one?

We truly care about your relationship with one another and it is our passion to walk alongside you throughout this exciting season of life. We want to help you create an experience for your wedding day that reflects who you are, encouraging you to step away from the norm and embrace your unique relationship.

What does it look like? 

Our whole hearts are in this. Expect to be prayed for, encouraged and loved. We do more than just document your day; we capture an experience and memories you will cherish forever. 


Head on over to the contact page and fill us in on your love story. We look forward to meeting you! 


"Trust is built over time and throughout many interactions." 

Grit & Virtue