Grit & Virtue

"Trust is built over time and throughout many interactions." 

We like to start things off personal and simple. During an online chat session we will be completely vulnerable and open to answer any questions you have for us. Topics can include photography, working with your spouse, starting and maintaining a business, creating albums, running a business while building your family, posing and direction, weddings, working with businesses, editing, the client journey and much more. Everyone is different so each mentor session with us is catered specifically to your wants and needs.

 1 hour skype/facetime MENTORING

If you’re looking for a hands on experience, we invite you to a full day, in person mentoring session. Together we can create a styled shoot from start to finish or you can shadow one of our already scheduled sessions. Since we love good food and good conversation we will end the day with dinner together chatting more about who you are and what’s to come. This day is completely tailored to you and as a bonus, you are free to use any images captured during these sessions for your own portfolio.


One person per year will join us for a long-term mentoring relationship, which will include office time, going along with us to weddings, joining us for several sessions, outdoor adventures and more. Purchase one of our Mentoring Sessions above to be considered for this long-term mentoring position.


We are here because of the people that believed in us and taught us everything we know, stirring up something we did not even realize existed. We want to do the same for you. When you sign up for a mentoring session you receive encouragers, challengers and new friends. You have a unique vision and voice and we are here to help you find it.  We want to be there to encourage, motivate and love you and your business well. Check out our mentoring options below. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!



“Mentoring!!!! YES. You guys are so good at that. Not only did my time with you refuel my fire and remind me why I really love to see things through a lens, but it was so crazy to me how much I learned in such a short amount of time. It wasn't useless information or just tech talk. I use the things we spoke about on a daily basis and I truly believe they have made me a better photographer.”